Norway, The only

place to ski!!!

Well one of my first trips outside of Denmark was when I went up to Norway to ski near Lilleheimer at a ski hill called Hafjell. This was where the Winter Olympics were held a few years ago so this was not just a small hill. Being only the second time I had ever been skiing, I dove right in pretty much head first ending up with a few mouthfull's of snow, however by midday I was getting the hang of it and was ready to get off the bunny slope and onto the greater mountian. It was a nice hill and the scenery was beautiful. I arrived on a Friday morning and it had just snowed the night before leaving 5 inches of fresh powder. The day was sunny and beautiful out. We skiied until late afternoon and then retired back to the Hostel. The two days of skiing were great and the weather was beautiful, riding the train there and back was not as fun. I had a great time though and here are a few of the pictures from atop the ski mountian. The view here easily competes with some I have seen in the Colorado Rockies.

This last picture was kind of neat. There was an Olympic torch bearer cut into the trees opposite the ski slope.


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