Here are some pictures of my Hydroboost unit. It is the basic 4" PVC pipe, but I am using 3/8 threaded Stainless steel rods. The solution is of water and baking soda mixed in the proportion to allow 4 amps to pass after the reaction has equalized. I hang this from the screw on lid by a 5/16 bolt through the lid and bracket and with a nut tightening them together. Air is blown through the unit and into the aircleaner, bypassing the filter sine there is already a filter on the fan unit.

This is my unit on the workbench undergoing its initial reaction with 12 volts and the baking soda, this must be run for a while for the current to stabilize, mine started at 2 amps and went up to 8 since I put in too much baking soda, so be careful!