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 2007 Mustang GT
 1995 Chevrolet K1500
 1975 Corvette Stingray
 1978 Chevrolet K10
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I Like to Drive...

I find myself driving quite often. Sometimes for work, sometimes for fun. I started taking pictures with my phone of the view out the windshield. Not really much of a point to this page other than that. Just pictures of me driving. Where I may be driving and whats ahead may be interesting though. Check the captions for each photo.

Be safe out there driving! Always wear your seat belt, and while you may exceed the posted speed limit, don't do it where someone can get hurt and above all else don't drive above your ability level. Lets keep all 4 tires (or 2 if by motorbike) on the road and the shiny side up!


Driving my K1500 somehwere on I-80 in Ohio or Indiana.


More driving the K1500... I think that's near Lorain Ohio.

'Oklahoma Turnpike

On the Oklahoma Turnpike at night in an HHR. Where the hell are the interior lights in this damn thing! Hah, there are none except for on the rear view. Watch me careen off the road as I try to read my map under the rear view!

Oklahoma Turnpike

Driving the Oklahoma Turnpike... in a HHR. I was not impressed with the HHR.

'ET Highway

Cruising down the ET Highway just outside Rachael Nevada! Watch out for flying saucers! (and free range cattle!)

'Area 51

On the gravel road that leads to Area 51. If I drive to far, you might never see me again! On the horizon is government restricted land, that officially does not exist!

'Mustang 1

The Stang on the open road of I-80. "Honestly officer... I was keeping it under 80!"

'Mustang 2

The Stang on I-80 some more. "Ok I'll level with you officer... I wasn't keeping it under 80."


Who is graffiting "Mang!" on the bridge over near Exton on 202, mang?


Here I am playing Chicken with a semi truck in the Stang. Ok, not really! This truck was actually being towed backwards and I wanted to see if I could fool people, so I motored up behind it and snapped a picture. I love it when people give me a crazy look and ask how I had time to take a picture before I narrowly avoided a head on collison.

'Penske Truck

Drinving a 26 foot rental truck somewhere in Tennesee. I got to play trucker for a day!

'More Penske

Those 26 foot trucks are tall. Feels like I barely made it under that bridge.

'Even more Penske

Damn these trucks are wide too. Not much side to side room in the lane with this truck. I love the 69 mph governor too!

'Stang reflect

Look there's a nifty Stang staring back at me in that tailgate!

'Tunnel Vision in the Stang

In the tunnel on 476 in PA with the Stang.
Garrett Robert Herning © 2008
This page last updated on 4 July 2008